Who I Am

“I CAN overcome; I WILL overcome; I HAVE overcome, so long as I know why.”
—Inspiration to Overcome (Me), #174

My name is Daniel Gervais, and I live with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), chronic depression, and social anxiety. I am a Christian who has struggled with periods of doubt and questioning and the perpetual state of uncertainty that comes with living in this world. I have a passion for collecting mineral and rock specimens, among other things, and a keen interest in geology, the social sciences, Christian and religious studies, and philosophy. Other hobbies I enjoy when I am able include crafting, baking, hiking, biking, and traveling. After fighting for many years due to my illness, I finally graduated high school in February 2019. I am now a second-year Psychology student at Oakland University in Rochester, MI. Currently, my primary focus in life is on overcoming my illnesses day by day, moment by moment, and engaging more with life and the people around me. I believe that I can overcome, I will overcome, and in many ways, I already have.

Why I Started Inspiration to Overcome

“Turn your pain into someone else’s hope.” 

It is my belief that our existence is meaningful because we are living for a greater purpose. My purpose through Inspiration to Overcome is to use the wisdom and hope I have found through my experiences to provide meaningful inspiration, encouragement, and advice to others who are struggling. Many quotes, aphorisms, and other words of truth have been helpful to me at various points along my journey, so I began collecting and compiling my favorites to use as reminders during difficult moments. This is my method of sharing them with the world. I have always been passionate about creating things, so I hope to inspire others with my written and physical works as well.